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DIY Crafty Gamer, Issue 1

Rebecca Strang - To Play Is Human I graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Digital Media. My concentration was in Digital Media, with projects specifically focused on game studies, and I also completed minors in Photography and Marketing. The most influential courses I took at Loyola were Game Studies, Critical Ethnography, R/Evolution of Communication Technology, Observing and Measuring Communication Behavior, and Photography. These courses established the importance of storytelling, play, research, and communication for and within our communities. During my last year at Loyola, I was a Research Assistant at the Social & Interactive Media Lab (SIMLab) in Loyola’s School of Communication. My research focused on issues of gender, inclusivity, and accessibility in games and within gaming communities. Currently I am working as a Youth Services Assistant at a public library. My long term professional goals include pursuing a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science and developing educational gaming programs for libraries. I run a gaming group, RNG Gaming, with my husband, Greg. The group gets together a couple times a month to play board games. One night a week we play with our Legacy group, which has played Pandemic Legacy: Season One, Gloomhaven, and is now starting Pandemic Legacy: Season Two. We get together at least one Saturday a month with the whole group to play anything from our game library.

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1 Response

  1. nellaarabrab says:

    Such a fantastic post! Sarah’s Cthulhu embroidery is lovely and the color choices for the dice bag work so well.

    The way Ron created the layers of laser cut sheets in order to have a box and an insert at the same time is genius!

    And Ian’s dedication to 3D boards with Legos is incredible!

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