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Monthly Archive: August 2018


Review – It’s Quiver Time!

This blog post was originally published on August 26, 2018 by Carly Sargeant at Board Geek Girl. See the original post here. I recently got a Quiver and have been absolutely loving it! For those of...


Gen Con Day 4! The End.

Sunday is a short day for GenCon. The convention closes at 4pm. At about 4:10pm, the exhibit hall looks like it was eaten by termites. The booths get deconstructed so fast, it’s almost unbelievable....


Gen Con Day 3!

Pretend it’s still Saturday night, day 3 of GenCon. As I write this, it is actually Sunday morning. Dang, midnight really crept up on me plus a couple of days! Tomorrow… er.. today (whatever)...


Gen Con Day 2!

Once you’ve started your day with Million Dollar Bacon, it’s hard to imagine starting your day any other way. So, this morning, Matt and I made our way to the First Watch across the...


Gen Con 2018 Day 1!

Helloooooo world! I just got back from the Ruins of Atlantis Masquerade Ball, which for me means that day one of GenCon is officially over. I remember when I was young and could stay...