World of Women

July Board Game Giveaway!

For the month of July, we are tapping into our criminal side and joining forces with Fowers Games to give away a wicked Heist Bundle – SABOTAGE, Burgle Bros., and Fugitive.

SABOTAGE – Fowers Games’ latest title soon to be fulfilled to its KS backers. It’s a 2v2 (Spies vs Secret Agents) with variable player powers, grid movement, bluffing, deduction, and dice.

Burgle Bros. – Is a cooperative heist game. If you like Oceans 8, 11-13, then you’ll surely love this game!

Fugitive – A 2-player card game of cat and mouse (a fugitive trying to get away from an agent). With deduction, memory, bluffing and hand-management this game is a blast!

World of Women July Board Game Giveaway!

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Special thanks to Fowers Games for sponsoring this wickedly awesome prize!

*18+ to enter
*Only one entry per person
*Terms and Conditions apply

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