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World of Women December Board Game Giveaway

The month of December is upon us! During the month with “all the holidays,” take some time to enter the WoW Board Game Giveaway. You could win an awesome bundle of games consisting of Azul: Summer Pavilion, Magic Maze, and Team 3 (Pink), all fantastic games to play with family and friends.

If you enjoyed the original Azul, or even Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra, then I think you’ll really enjoy Azul: Summer Pavilion. It plays very similarly to the Azul you’re used to, but adds a few new elements.

Magic Maze is a fantastic coop game where players must work together, mostly without communicating, to steal much needed weapons for some down-on-their-luck heroes.

And Team 3 is one of the most unique games to come out in recent memory. A team of 3 people must work together to build a structure using 3D polyomino shapes. Player 1 can see what the structure should look like, but can only communicate that information to Player 2 via pantomiming. Player 2 must interpret Player 1’s pantomiming then verbally describe to Player 3 how to build the structure. And here’s the fun part. Player 3 cannot see what they are doing. They must work by touch and listening alone. It makes for a very fun game night!

World of Women December Board Game Giveaway!

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*18+ to enter
*Only one entry per person
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