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The World of Women was founded in 2017 by Barbara Allen out of a desire to create something awesome within the gaming community…

She had been observing her beloved hobby for years and frequently noticed that something was missing: while she knew that there were women out there who enjoyed playing games, she was not seeing them highly represented in gaming spaces.

Barbara decided to create a space just for women where they could talk about games and whatever else was on their minds. She wants women who are new to the hobby to have a welcoming space filled with other women who are eager to share their knowledge and love of gaming. She wants experienced gamers to have a haven filled with friends where they can talk about the latest releases and convention news. She wants women who create gaming content to have a support group and to act as role models for other women who are thinking about creating their own content. It’s a community of gamers, of professionals… of friends.

You can read even more about World of Women over on To Play is Human.

If you would like to join World of Women, you can find us here:

Discord (the Discord server is for women-identifying folks only, please)

Facebook (this group is for anyone)

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