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July Board Game Giveaway!

For the month of July, we are tapping into our criminal side and joining forces with Fowers Games to give away a wicked Heist Bundle - SABOTAGE, Burgle Bros., and Fugitive. SABOTAGE - Fowers ...
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June Board Game Giveaway

For our June giveaway, we are fortunate to team up with Wren Games to give away Assembly and its expansion Glitch. Assembly is a really fun two-player cooperative or solo puzzle card game. ...
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May Board Game Giveaway

In May, Forbidden Games and WoW are giving away Raccoon Tycoon and its fancy metal coins. Awesome bundle!
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Contest runs the entire ...
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Twenty Essential Board Games for a Public Collection – To Play Is Human

I’m taking a course titled Collection Development (SP19IS508AO) as part of my Master of Science in Library and Information Science program this semester. Our instructor had us write up introduction posts the first week ...
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March Board Game + Insert Giveaway

March is another great month! In March, we're giving away not only a copy of Clank! In! Space!, but also its fantastic insert from Daedalus Productions Inc. What a bundle!

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February Board Game Giveaway

This month we have a sweet Tiny Epic Galaxies bundle thanks to Gamelyn Games which includes 1 Tiny Epic Galaxies game, both game mats, and the adorably fierce Gamelyn Games Plushie k-ni-ght. World of ...
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January Board Game Giveaway

WIN ALL THE GAMES! 2019 is the year of monthly board game giveaways! In January, we've teamed up with Red Raven Games (@redravengames) to start the year right. Read below to find out how ...
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D&D 101 #002 – You Need Players

This is often the first hurdle that people struggle to over come. I’d been wanting to play D&D for years, Daniel even bought me the 5e Starter Set a few years back but I ...
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Review – It’s Quiver Time!

This blog post was originally published on August 26, 2018 by Carly Sargeant at Board Geek Girl. See the original post here. I recently got a Quiver and have been absolutely loving it! For those of ...
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