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Content Creators from the World of Women Network

We have some amazing content creators here on the World of Women, you can find all the blogs, vlogs and podcasts here!

Players Wanted

Barb is the founder of World of Women as well as a host on the Players Wanted podcast.

Gamers Unite! The Players Wanted Podcast is a biweekly podcast hosted by Barb and Matt with special guests each episode. Their mission is to get more people gaming!


To Play is Human

To play and to tell stories are two of the most human things a person can do. Games are a perfect marriage of the two.

To Play is Human houses game reviews and articles focusing on educational gaming, community building, and my own gaming experiences.


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Board Geek Girl

Just a geeky girl with a whole bunch of board games. And dice. So many dice.

At Board Geek Girl you’ll find articles, reviews and tutorials on everything from board games to Dungeons & Dragons and even a few geeky crafts!


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Playability Podcast

Dive into the story behind the board games we love with the people who created them.

Through quick & meaningful interviews with game creators, Rebecca & Lauren will highlight different perspectives & focus on topics related to accessibility & inclusion.


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If you’d like to be added to our network of content creators please apply here!

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